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Hi my name is Jimmy Kalinek.


I was brought up here in Inuvik in the beautiful home of Renie and David Kalinek where I spent most of my childhood living off the land and learning the ways of our Elders.


This is where I’ve learned to hunt, trap, and all about the important things that kept our people alive for generations.


I love to share my love of the land, my Inuvialuit culture, and my traditional way of life with visitors. I can't wait to welcome you on your next trip.

About Us

Our Lead Guide
Our History

Knowing where we come from is just as important as knowing where we are headed.

The Only Way namesake has an extensive history in the Mackenzie Delta. As an early schooner that journeyed to the communities of the area, the Only Way is part of historic passing down of knowledge and experience navigating the waters of the Mackenzie River, the East Branch, and the Beaufort Sea

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